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If you're like most people beginning online with your own website, you are probably not too happy with the results you have obtained in getting your site up-there on page one of Google, Yahoo or MSN.

You find it hard to find out how to promote your website - from an SEO perspective - to get it highly ranked.  Maybe you have a brilliant idea, or product, that will make you lots of cash, but all this is for nothing unless you get TRAFFIC to your website!!! can pay for them (AdWords), or you can get Organic traffic, from the search engines, but the first of these will cost you money, while the second is not easy for you!

Does this sound like you?  I know exactly how it feels. 

You wake up each morning and 'search' for your website in the search seems like it is not there eh?

As each day passes you by, you begin to wonder if you will ever 'make it' online!.

Well, all the above is about to change.

It really hurts me to get emails everyday from subscribers and prospects who have spent countless amounts of their hard earned money on e-books, reports, home study courses, coaching programs and live seminars and complain that they're "not getting results" with their search engine efforts

It hurts me to see when they tell me their great ideas but have no idea how to get people to visit their website

And It especially hurts me to see people giving up because they have not seen their first dollar or because of the negativity surrounding them, like family and friends discouraging them not to do what they are doing.

The Strategies to get a Higher Ranking

In the past, I have tried, just like you probably, to implement many different strategies and approaches to get my websites on the first pages of search engines. It wasn't easy learning what I have learned, much of the information on what you have to do is given in this e-book, or that report, but none of them give you DETAIL on how to do this!  So what I have done is written everything I know, (well, nearly), about Search Engine Optimization, everything that has worked for me, and put it in this one simple e-book so you can achieve the success that I have had.

This amazing E-Book I created, is called:

Get ranked and stay there!

"How to get Traffic in
10 Days or less!


How get traffic, to Your website and how to get your website Ranked Highly by the Search Engines!

You'll be Surprised how Simple it really is.

You'll be shocked as you find out how easy it really is to get your website moved up the rankings. not take this text as read until you have tried this....

Go to Yahoo and type:

   How do I earn money online.  Number 4 of 41,500,000
   How do I make money online. Number 3 of 244,000,000 - 2easy4, how to get online and start earning

This was published 8 days ago...I am still awaiting the results from Google and MSN

Before you make any pre-judgements thinking that this is another e-book to "fire-you-up" and to temporarily get your website higher in the rankings, I'm here to tell you No!  Once you've learnt these strategies, it's like riding a bicycle. You will never forget themEvery website you create from now on you can get it high up in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Here's what you'll discover from "How to get Traffic in 10 Days or less":


How to choose your Domain name correctly to help in the rankings. I'll tell you what you have to consider in selecting a domain name, why you should not just pick any name and how, by selecting the 'right' name you will get that traffic you need.
How to structure your HTML code to help with your rankings so you can focus more on converting your visitors to customers.
How to use meta tags that will almost guarantee you moving up the rankings.  This is not just telling you to, "fill-up your meta tags with titles, descriptions and keywords"... I tell you about the CORRECT use of these and where they should be within your html code and in what order. 
How to get Google to validate your page before you submit it.There is a right and wrong way to do this... I show you how in detail.
How to get the spiders to crawl every page of your site.  Without this one piece of advice, you will have a hard time believing that the spiders will actually crawl all pages within your website.
How to identify the actual keywords you should be using on your website and in your meta tags. It is imperative that you use the correct number of keywords and their placement is also of the utmost importance!
How to name your image files to help with your page rankings. Do you know the three elements of doing this?  You cannot afford to ignore this part as it's a no-brainer once you find out how to do this...for every image file on your pages!
How to structure your page(s) for the spiders AND your visitors, without being penalized by the search engines. When you carry this out correctly, the spiders will love you(!) and your visitors too.
The most important part of getting links to your website. Once you use the email template I have in the e-book and fill-it out correctly, you are just an email away from getting excellent links to your site from others in your field. (Note. Getting Links which affect your Pagerank is a longer-term strategy than 10 days. [ref: Google's Sandbox] )

The above is just the tip of the iceberg.   Here's what else you will discover...
How to break-down the process of getting the spiders to 'look' at your pages with 'search-friendly' eyes.  To get the spiders to treat your pages as 'search engine friendly' involves many steps that you must complete.  I use the same strategy over and over to achieve this!  You can too.
The one single design feature, that I have not seen anyone else telling you to use, which almost guarantees getting above a lot of your competitors. I was absolutely amazed when I found out that this one aspect of the search engines algorithm is getting a higher ranking because of its use.  This is so easy for you to prove too. (Just to show you I am not pulling-the-wool over your eyes).
How to keep-up-to-speed with the developments in the search engines.  Use my resources pages to keep abreast of what is happening in the search engines. Do not be caught out with a sudden change to their algorithms!
How to research your key phrases.  Make sure you choose the optimum you can do this.
How to Leap-Frog your competitors.  I go into details on how you can analyse their pages so your website can rank above them.
Look at the 'Big Three' and make sure your pages are optimised for all three... Google, Yahoo and MSN.
How to get more traffic from posting articles. The best of all the articles directories.

Plus a whole list of other benefits you can get today. 

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Imagine For A Moment

You do not have to imagine what you are seeing now, a trickle of visitors from organic search engines, maybe some sales, your competitors ranking higher than you...   But imagine what you will see after you've put all my strategies into practice on your website, a constant stream of visitors, (targeted visitors), your sales figures going up if you have the right product, building your list and capturing targeted customers with their names and emails.

  • You can have success with your search engine optimization.

  • You can have that nice feeling of a sense of achievement - When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back?


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Now For The Most Important Part…

And please answer the following question honestly…

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Why Is Your E-Book Only $7?

Very simple.

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TWO: I believe you value something FAR MORE if you invest money in it. Even if that ‘something’ is a ridiculously low amount. After all, how many Free e-books have you got on your hard drive – and (more importantly) – how many have you even looked at? It’s VERY different when you make an investment, however tiny. You know this to be true.

What’s Your Guarantee, Ian?

Simple. There isn’t one. Look!  I don’t want ‘nickel and dime’ timewasters getting my valuable book.  This is powerful stuff. That’s why I only want ‘doers’ to get it.

I’ll level with you. If you have a ‘refund’ mindset, or $7 is ‘worry money’ or a struggle for you, I don’t want your money. Simple as that. There are no guarantees in life and no guarantees of success with the information in my book.

But I CAN guarantee one thing. If you apply what’s in my book, you WILL move up the SERPs, furthermore, if you have a 'good' product, you will make money from all the extra visitors you get.

Look. If you really don’t think you can invest only $7 in increasing your site traffic (and income) there’s something seriously wrong with your marketing goals.

On the other hand - anyone who is serious enough to invest pennies and get my book has the opportunity to make a long term difference to their website rankings.

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using my strategies as that depends a lot on the product you promote.

Ian G Chivers.
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P.S.  I've written this book to guide people on how they can get their website higher in the search engine rankings.  If your website has a product that is not converting, then you will benefit from getting my E-Book because you will get more traffic.

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