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So, who am I and why should you listen to me? I have over 10 years of online experience making a living with the Internet.  I have designed many websites, been involved with numerous marketing campaigns, gained significant knowledge with SEO, Search Engine Optimisation which is ongoing and have used the Internet to my best advantage.

Looking at my online offerings and websites I think you will quickly see that I 'back-up' what I claim.  This site is part of the 2easy4 group of websites all under the aegis of 2easy4 Limited a registered company in the UK since 1999.

I make money online through an eclectic mix of business opportunities which are available to all.  These include, but are not limited to:

Affiliate marketing
JV's (Joint Ventures)
Website creation
Article writing
Getting Traffic
Writing my own books on different subjects
Adwords & PPC
List Building
Social Networking

In fact, if there is money to be made with an online opportunity, then I will try and take advantage of this.

What this website is about, is information for all.  Here, I divulge tips and 'tricks' I've picked-up over the years, as well as current opportunities which work for me.



I begin with Adsense for a very good reason.  In many quarters, it has a bad press....

"Not as good now as it used to be...."
"Ooh, the Google Slap...."
"Watch out for Google...."

...and on and on.

Firstly, I have to tell you that I was banned from Adsense in 2008. Despite writing an appeal to Sergey Brin, I am still banned. When they say banned for life, I think they mean it!

What happened to me was that someone clicked on adsense ads on one of the sites I was showing them on, to the tune of 48 times from the same website in a single session. Undoubtedly, this was malicious and I suffered because of this.

However, the above being said, Adsense is still a good source of income if one is prepared for a little work. The internet is a numbers always has been and I think will remain so. 

Any site you are promoting Adsense ads on should be optimised for Google as it is from there that you will get most of your visitors.  Why?  Because of content.  Please think for a moment, Google is not out to penalise you for putting-up a site optimised for Adsense.  However, just as not following the rules in driving a car and getting pulled over by the law, Google will penalise those who break their rules, or do not comply with their rules.  Google NEEDS YOU.  If you have a good 'site, with good content, then surfers searching for that content WILL find you through Google!  Google has videos and text in the order of 39 hours worth, so get ready for some reading!

Traffic Once you have an optimised Adsense 'site, what to do?

You need people to visit your website my friend!  Yes, Traffic!

One way of getting absolutely free targeted traffic is to have your website optimised.  For this, I would refer you to the book I wrote on SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) ....believe me it really is not that difficult. See:

Getting traffic this way is known as Organic traffic.  Other ways to get traffic are to pay for it, join safelists, join TE's (Traffic Exchanges), use your list, if you have one, or use one of the numerous websites where you 'earn' traffic by doing something.

I am a member of a few of these, and I recommend:

Free Ad Depot
Triple Your List

Obviously, there are many, many more, (I'm probably signed-up for some more too!), but what I want to get over to you is that the more you are signed-up to and I would suggest in all cases, take the Free option initially, and then when you are making money, upgrade to open the door to more potential visitors and sign-ups.

Of the above list, some allow you to email 1,000, 2,000 or more periodically, while others actually give you targeted leads, (first name surname and email address...some the IP number too).  Others give you members in your down line to whom you can send your offers to.

Finally, in this section, you will need to analyse your webpage to optimise your keywords.  For this, I highly recommend analysis software to do this.


Basically, there are two 'definitions' of an Affiliate in the Internet Marketing space; Selling someone else's product, (EBook, software, membership website etc.), or joining a program and getting paid for everyone you recommend to join that program under you.

Yes, you've guessed it, I am in a lot of programs!

One of the best is Global Domains International.  If you read their copy on the site, you will quickly see that it will cost you $10 per month and your 'income' is $1 for every referral you find.  Hmmm!  How good is that? the outset, you might think, not good!  However, once you have 10 people in your down line - and you can easily get these using the list building programs above [and others] - every person after that is earning you $1 every month.  Ok, not a lot I hear you say. 

Once you have 726 in your down line - yes this is for the long haul - it is VERY nice.  $716 EVERY month (This what you get after paying your monthly subscription).  Remember...this is just ONE of your online money making opportunities!


The first 'type' of Affiliate I describe above is all about selling someone else's product.  I go into more detail on my main website: about that, however, for this page, let me say that I only present affiliate products that will benefit people - like you - in the IM space.

Examples of this are:

Blogs: If you want to get online quickly with the minimum of hassle, then a Blog is the way to go. However, these do have their drawbacks. They are not as secure as some would have you believe and they are hackable! This site will give you a wordpress plugin that takes a lot of the dangers away. They can even help you with Traffic to your Blog! I highly recommend Alex and his team as they are very professional and have an excellent product.

Advertising software: This piece of software is a nifty way to bring your text alive. The copy on your website can be 'mixed' with highlighted advertising links. For a fuller explanation, click on the link to see all the features of this software.

On Keyword analysis, you will not find better software than this... click here.

Finally, on this subject, I said selling someone else's product, or your own.  One of my skills is in Wood Finishing, yes... I wrote a book on how to do this step by step.  I might add that it is selling quite well too.  2easy4woodfinishing


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